HappyGrün Care+.

Extended protection.

HappyGrün Care+ gives you a 3-year protection for you and your plants. During this time, you have priority access to our specialists by phone or email. Additionally, we supply you with customized treatment solutions if your plant needs them, and even replace the plant or the hardware, if necessary.

HappyGrün Care+.

Quarterly service.

Is watering all you want to do? In and around Vancouver, we offer an all-inclusive service for residences or businesses. We come by quarterly, inspect your plants, and clean the leaves, clay aggregate, and planter. Measure nutrients levels and do whatever is necessary so you don’t have to worry about anything. Email us to select this service.

HappyGrün Care+.

Full service.

Are you out of town for long periods of time? Are you spending your winters in Mexico or in Hawaii? If you live in or around Vancouver, we got you covered. We will check in on your plans frequently, make sure they get sufficient water, nutrients, and whatever is necessary to keep them happy until you are back home. Email us to select this service.