For a better business.

Inspiration. Productivity. Health.

The HappyGrün Plant System is almost like magic, but in a very real way. Better branding, better style, better air quality, better productivity. Take a look at the plants at your favorite coffee shop, at your hair stylist, at a business, and even at a restaurant. Often they look dirty and unmanaged, which can reflect poorly on the business. With the HappyGrün Plant System, you will feel better, breathe better, and live better!

Better branding.

Style. Quality. Dependability.

The HappyGrün Plant System is a symbol of elite German craftsmanship and innovation. Modern award winning designs, extremely low maintenance requirements, and the use of technology keep the plant and the planter beautiful for years to come.

Take a deep breath.

Happy customers. Happy employees.

HappyGrün Plant Systems are ideal for office and commercial spaces. Due to the soilless nature and extremely low maintenance system, HappyGrün plants and planters stay beautiful and look like new all the time. Countless studies showed that plants increase the productivity in work environments as they remove dust and toxins from the air while regulating humidity. Plants can lower stress levels and increase concentration levels. And since the HappyGrün system is free of soil, it has no soil-based pests and mold; this means the HappyGrün Plant System is perfectly suitable for people with allergies and for places where hygiene and cleanliness is extremely important such as healthcare establishments, restaurants, or retail spaces.

Customized solutions.

Colors. Service. Leasing.

HappyGrün offers customized solutions for all your business needs: planters in various colors, sizes and shapes, and plant leasing including maintenance services. Whatever your needs are, we will work closely with you in finding an optimal, yet stylish and innovative solution.

Plant leasing and rental.

Part time. Full service.

HappyGrün offers incredible carefree, stylish and innovative plant systems which gives your surroundings a cleaner and sophisticated look. If you are interested in leasing or renting our plant systems for showrooms, restaurants, or for special occasions, please let us know. We will be happy to help you.

HappyGrün Care and HappyGrün Care+.

Lean back. Enjoy.

Our HappyGrün Care and HappyGrün Care+ services are designed to make things as easy and pleasant as you wish. In fact, depending on your choice of service, you do not need to lift a finger. Let us do the work. Just lean back, relax and enjoy your beautiful HappyGrün plants. And regardless of the HappyGrün Care package you choose, we will be there for you and your plants no matter what. Each HappyGrün Care package comes with an option to an extended three-year protection and service plan.