Frequently asked questions.

Get to know HappyGrün inside out.

What does HappyGrün mean anyhow?

Plants and simplicity help create happiness and grün is German for green. We choose this name because it beautifully combines and represents two key values. The “Happy” is our commitment to our customers that we provide happiness through our products and services. The “Grün” or green links it to plants and to our German heritage that represents quality, craftsmanship, precision, and innovation.

What is the HappyGrün Plant System?

The HappyGrün Plant System is a truly integrated and comprehensive plant system based on hydroculture or passive hydroponics. It is a system with special hardware such as the outer and inner planter, a water indicator, specialized plant fertilizer, uniquely engineered clay, and a cultivated plant coupled with customized service to make owning plants incredibly easy and fun.

Why is the HappyGrün Plant System better than soil based plants?

The HappyGrün Plant System is much easier to maintain with its clever water indicator, cleaner with the clay aggregates, and longer lasting plants than its siblings in soil. We designed the entire system so it is incredibly easy and low maintenance to own plants.

Is there really no soil?

Yes, there is absolutely no soil and dirt in the HappyGrün Plant System. This is one secret as of why the system is superior to soil based plants. Soil is organic; it slowly decomposes and rots inside your living space. Pests love soil, and are often the cause of plant diseases.

Are HappyGrün plants different to the plants I can buy in my local nursery?

Yes, they are! All our HappyGrün plants are cultivated in our specially equipped greenhouse, which by the way, you will find no soil, but lots of water. Our plants have so-called water roots which are quite different from the root systems you find on soil based plants.

Can I plant my own soil based plant in a HappyGrün Plant System?

It is extremely difficult to take an existing soil based plant and convert it into a no soil plant. If done at home, the plant will have a low survival rate. However, we have done it in our greenhouse on many occasions and optimized the process to reduce the risk. When doing so, we control the humidity in the air, the oxygen and nutrients in the water solution, the temperature in the water and in the air, and we treat the plant and its roots with special care.

Do plants grow well in the HappyGrün Plant System?

They sure do! In fact, they grow even better. Plants grown in soil must be spaced further apart so their roots don’t compete for water and nutrients. Plants grown hydroponically don’t waste energy growing extensive root systems and have nutrients readily available, resulting in faster-growing greenery.

How often do I have to water the plant?

Depending upon the type of plant, room temperature and the type of planter you choose, watering frequency will range from at least seven days to four weeks and possibly, even longer.

Why is there no soil-borne pest or mold?

Mold can easily be formed since mold feeds from dead organic matter that is typically found in soil. Also, insects and other pests can easily be found in soil based plants as they feed on dead organic matter. Not only can mold impact negatively on your health but the pests can be a detrimental to the health of the plant and pose a nuisance to humans. With that said, because our hydroculture plants live on water with inorganic clay aggregates, our HappyGrün Plant system is considered hypoallergenic and erases the possibility of a mold problem completely.

Fungi spores are very common in soil, how about in the HappyGrün Plant System?

Bad fungi spores are very common in soil, and most plants are susceptible to their pathogens. But with the HappyGrün Plant system there is no soil, and no soil means no bad fungi spores.

Do I still have to repot my plant frequently like with soil?

With the HappyGrün Plant System you have to repot much less frequent than with soil based plants. The only reason for repotting is when the plant has grown too big for the planter and the water reservoir is too small resulting in more frequent watering.

Where should I keep the water level?

The water indicator supplied with each HappyGrün Plant System tells you exactly when to water your plant. The only mistake you can make is to keep topping up the water level at all times. It is very important to let the water level drop down to minimum and even leave it there for a couple days to make sure that the roots get sufficient oxygen.

What temperatures does the plant require?

HappyGrün Plants are tropical plants so they prefer temperatures between 15 and 20°C [60 and 68°F]. Especially in the winter and when the plant sits on a stone floor, it is important to make sure that the water tank does not get too cold which can shock the root system. If this is the case, an easy solution is to place a piece of Styrofoam or another insulating material below the planter.

How often do I need to fertilize?

Fertilizing the HappyGrün Plant System is incredibly easy. We use a specially designed ion exchange fertilizer which last up to 4 months. The fertilizer is designed to capture harmful components from the tap water and in return, releases the nutrients the plants need. Depending on the location and the hardness of your tap water, we supply you either GrünPower for hard water or GrünPower2 for soft water.

What are digital reminders?

The entire HappyGrün Plant System is designed to make owning plants incredibly easy and fun. We are all busy, so for the first couple weeks, we will send you reminders to check on the water level of your plant until you get accustomed to reading the water indicator. After this initial period, we will provide reminders to you quarterly to add fertilizer to your new green friend.

What type of water should I use with the HappyGrün Plant System?

Always use lukewarm [16 - 22°/61 - 72°F] tap water. Do not use rain or distilled water, since it will hinder the GrünPower Fertilizer to begin its activation process.

What should I do if my plant looks sick or I notice a pest?

Each HappyGrün Plant System comes with a First Aid Kit. Don’t panic. Open the emergency response kit and follow the instructions inside. Help is never far away!

Is there any maintenance I need to do other than adding water and fertilizer?

Not really. The only thing we recommend annually and also offer as a service, is to remove the inner planter [culture pot] and rinse the plant and the expanded clay aggregate thoroughly with lukewarm water. When doing so also rinse out and clean the outer pot. This will remove all kind of house dust from the plant and the hardware and will give you continued years of happiness.

What do I need to consider when choosing a plant?

Mainly, the amount of light the plant will get. A plant needs light; some plants need more and some need less. Make sure you consider where the plant will be placed and how much light will be available before you choose the type of plant you get. To make things easier for you, we identified the light requirement of each plant.

Is the hardware really Made in Germany?

Yes, we import all our hardware and even the expanded clay aggregate ourselves from Germany. The aim to provide our customers with products made from the highest level of quality and produced in the most environmentally friendly way. For example, the expanded clay aggregates must be free of chemicals and harmful substances that are bad for you and your plants and the planters must not smell of chemical residue and must be produced in the most environmentally, responsible way possible.

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