BIRD OF PARADISE | Miss Crane | CARARO 75 Premium

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BIRD OF PARADISE | Miss Crane | CARARO 75 Premium

Elegant. Exotic. Magnificent. 


The Bird of Paradise is a gorgeous, tall, majestic plant. It is often considered to be the queen of indoor plants. The large, upright plant adds a rich, tropical flair to any home.    The CARARO 75 PREMIUM gives this plant the perfect spot to grow big and tall. 


Hydroponically cultivated, low maintenance, air-purifying


Planter: CARARO 75 Premium

Botanical Name:Strelitzia Nicolai

Planter Size: Width: 75 cm | Depth: 30 cm | Height: 43 cm

Planter Finish: High-QualityGloss or Matt Finish 

Nutrient Reservoir: 10 l

Average Time between Watering: > 8 Weeks 

Light Requirement: Bright Indirect or Direct Light | Loves Sun

Approx. Hight of Plant incl. Planter: 150 cm | WIll grow tall > 200 cm

Fertilizer Technology: Osmosis Principle 

Replenish Fertilizer Frequency: Once every 10 - 12 Month

Air Purifying 

Feng Shui Recommended

The HappyGrün Plant System Includes

  • Hydroculture Plant

  • Outer Hydroculture Planter

  • Inner Hydroculture Culture Planter

  • Water Indicator

  • 1 year Supply of Hydroculture Fertilizer 

  • HappyGrün First Aid Kit

  • Instructions and Plant Biography 

  • Digital Reminder Service

  • HappyGrün Care


Delivery: Vancouver, BC | Lower Mainland  

Sending Plant as a Present? You will be able to add a personalized message when checking out. 

Note: The color of the plant will vary from variegated to silver to dark green. The shape and height of plants will vary.



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