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Lechuza Rondo

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White high gloss
Silver metallic
Shiny taupe (BurlyWood)
Scarlet red high gloss
Espresso metallic
Charcoal metallic
Black high gloss
  • Extraordinary, clever and stylish German made planter.
  • Built-in sub-irrigation system. A water level indicator providing you with a visual watering reminder.
  • Innovative plant liner system for easy transport; can be exchanged on the spot and easily moved for winter storage.
  • For outdoor use, a built in drain plug can be easily removed to allow excess rainwater to drain.
  • All-in-one set with inorganic granulate compounds that provide the right amount of water and nutrients needed for optimum plant growth.
  • UV-resistant, hygienic, lightweight and shatter-proof; made of high quality PP plastic.

The Rondo planter is perfect for any plant. The pot waters your plants with its clever water irrigation system. Each planter comes with an integrated sub-irrigation system that ensures your plants always receive the right amount of water and nutrients needed for weeks, and even months, without additional watering. The water level indicator reminds you when to refill the water reservoir. The patented, clever handles are used for easy transport and has a drain plug that can be removed when used outdoors. This beautiful planter that adds style to any space is UV-resistant and is easily watered externally.

Lechuza is a renowned, family owned German company that produces planters of the highest quality in the most environmentally conscious way and has been recognized throughout the world for their stylish, innovative, and cleverly designed products.



Dimensions ~ (W x H) Ø 32,5 x 56,5 cm Ø 40 x 75 cm

Planter material:

High quality plastic [PP]

Special features:

Lightweight, Shatterproof, UV-resistant